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Version 1.2 released; new game mode, new map, misc improvements

#1 2014-02-25 20:29:23

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No selecting, just shooting option

Traditionally slots are used, which seems to be the case for Talon as well.

For example in Descent:
Primary select: laser, vulcan, spread, plasma
Secondary select: conc missles, homing missles, smart missle, mega missles

One reason for this is because usually there are a limited amount of quick access buttons one can use for shooting, lets say you have only 2.

Well with a 3DMouse in my left hand controlling 6axis, my right hand has quick access to a ton of buttons for weapon shooting. I was thinking how nice it would be to simply skip selecting and just directly fire my entire arsenal of weapons, such as:

top row
y-launch darts, u-launch seekers, i-launch swarm, o-launch infernos, p-launch spikes, [- launch busters

mid row
h-fire pulse laser, j-fire blaster, k-fire spaz, l-fire disruptor, ;-fire autocannon, '-fire rasor canon

I'd have the ability to instantly fire any of the 12 weapons with no 'selection lag' (even if the game instantly selected them, my finger moving back and forth creates a delay.) I could even fire and launch weapons simultaneously on the same column: such as I can press j and u with just one finger.

Even while providing 12 keys just for shooting still I have enough quick access keys left over for other stuff such as
space-AB, ralt-zoom, enter-cloak
(that's not even using the bottom nm row!)


#2 2014-02-25 20:44:42

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Re: No selecting, just shooting option

There wouldn't have to be dedicated commands for it. Just while in this 'direct fire' mode:

selectGunX also performs priTrigger afterwards
selectMissileX also performs altTrigger afterwards

I do this in Quake1 and it works great!
For example my shotgun alias/bind:
alias +shot "impulse 2;+attack"
alias -shot "-attack"
bind i +shot


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