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Version 1.2 released; new game mode, new map, misc improvements

#1 2013-11-19 21:55:18

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Steam Greenlight?

With 100 demo downloads (in what was it, a week?) Talon certainly has the potential to do well on Steam Greenlight.  And by that I mean, you know, get greenlighted.  Or however you're supposed to say it.
The point is it might be a worthwhile thing to look into.  It would certainly expose the game to more potential players.  And even though 100 demo downloads is an impressive start, as a multiplayer game Talon needs a larger playerbase than that.

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#2 2013-12-03 22:52:14

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Re: Steam Greenlight?

Steam Greenlight is a good idea. It is on my Marketing To-Do list.


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