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Version 1.2 released; new game mode, new map, misc improvements

#1 2014-01-16 19:58:55

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Change of resolution - buggy or ...


I am using a Dell Laptop and a widescreen LG Monitor.
Resolution of the Laptop is maximum 1280*800, LG have 1680*1050.

Graphiccard onboard M135 from Nvidia (CPU 2*2.5 Ghz), 4Gb Ram ...

I run Talon at 1680*1050 -> great -> 25 FPS is ok.
Now I tried to go down in resolution - and got funny results:

1. 800*600 -> Talon switched to my Laptop Screen and use 800*600 -> Rest of screen is BLACK (LG change too to 800*600 smile ).
2. I changed until 1280*800 -> now Talon runs in full screen mode on my LG screen.

Switching via ALT Enter (it works) to windowed mode -> I have difficulties with my mouse - that I must check why (e.g. left mouseclick -> release -> 2 seconds it shot sad )

As already written, switching to 16Bit will kill the Game but the starting screen is ok.
I use very old games like Jazz Rabbit which switch my system without problem to 16bit and full screen on the LG with 800*600.

Maybe Scott - there is a little challenge for you?
Or do someone know, what I may have to change in settings from my M135 Nvidia card? (I must use the Dell one it seems not to be the newest driver but with the newest driver the system is somewhat overloaded sad ) But thats my problem for sure.


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