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Version 1.2 released; new game mode, new map, misc improvements

#1 2014-02-08 19:36:56

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If you liked Talon's soundtrack...

...then give me all your money.  It's shiny and nice and it attracts tasty magpies too.

Actually, that's not what this post is about.  Well... almost.
I've finished and released several other music-related projects in the past few months, including three new releases since finishing my work on Talon.  If you liked my work on Talon's soundtrack I'd highly recommend checking them out.  And even to give me money for them if you want.
But then, that is the sort of thing I would recommend tongue.

The three releases I've made since Talon are
Intersect (Perpendicular Worlds): http://vertigofox.bandcamp.com/album/in … lar-worlds
Lost Direction: http://vertigofox.bandcamp.com/album/lost-direction
And my first "real" album release, Animorphism: http://vertigofox.bandcamp.com/album/animorphism-2

There are also two eight-track concept EPs on vertigofox.bandcamp.com.  Maniacal Valleys is one you may have heard of before, if you're a part of the Maniaplanet and Trackmania communities.  And Creatures of the Nether is the Doom-tribute-like story of a guy who gets abducted into hell by a power-hungry demoness.

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