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Version 1.2 released; new game mode, new map, misc improvements

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Mapping Resources Thread (1/17/2014)

Hello!  Post any mapping resources you may have here.  Programs, file converters, tutorials etc. would all be helpful.

As the thread gets longer I'll update the OP with more resources and the like.

Modeling-type stuff.
Torque Contructor - Used for making interiors.(.dif files)  It's fun, it's free, and it's glitchy as all hell.  You may have to have an account at garage games to download.

Coding-type stuff.
Notepad++ - Great open-source text editor.

Sublime Text - Best text editor I've used to date.
TorqueScript Bundle - For the Sublime Text Editor.
Improved TorqueScript Bundle - I can't attest to this actually being any better than the other one.  But its here. big_smile

Torque Dev (IDE with autocomplete and error checking) - I've noticed Talon is totally unforgiving when it comes to a missing semicolon.  I'm going to start using this to check for that. -.-

In addition you may be able to find quite a few Torque-related resources at these two sites:
Blockland Forums - Another torque based game.  Be warned, this game is currently having trouble with DDOS attacks, mass trolling, cheating/hacking and the like.  Look, do not touch.  And for goodness sake don't bring any of them back here.
Scattered Space Forums - Not strictly torque-based.  But most of the users here are just- older Blocklanders.  If you want help with advanced coding you may be able to get it here.


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