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Version 1.2 released; new game mode, new map, misc improvements

#1 2014-01-29 23:19:48

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Graphics may hamper sales of this game

There's an article on kickstarter showing how graphics immediately turn on/off the audience and get them to back or not.

http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/KevinZha … mpaign.php

I love what you've done with the gameplay of this game but the dated look of the levels and low quality of ship graphics might turn many away.  It'd be a damn shame since you've mastered the HUD and 'ship feel' to a large extent.  Have you thought if kickstartering this to get more funds to make it better?

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#2 2014-01-30 04:29:40

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Re: Graphics may hamper sales of this game

And what would make the graphics better? Any suggestions?
(Generally, it is nicer to post recommendations rather than condemnations, eg "the ships could be better if <>" rather than "The ships are low quality")

I typed up a big answer, and you can read it if you like, but the key point is this:
- Computer graphics fit in with a certain style
- The style appeals to some (Me, and many other people)
- The style does not appeal to others (the rest of them)

And the style chosen here gives the game some eye-candy, but retains an arcade-like feel, which I like.
It feel like a sport rather than a war.

---------- Rant ------------

So the ships look dated? What makes ships look modern to you? To some it is the industrial/rusted/star-wars-esque-western (episodes 4-6) appearance. To others it is the super-streamlined-gloss-white look.
And, the route that has been taken is somewhere between the two. Brand new industrial ships, They're made of tough metal welded together in the shape of a ship, but then they've had several layers of car-wax and paint slapped on them.

Same with the levels. What makes them look dated? The cubistic, rigid angles?
The right-angles-only warehouse is indeed retro-like, due to it's cubistic appearance, but it is like that to provide navigational challenges. And besides, show me a picture of any industrial building that isn't 99% right angles.
The buildings in space are also very angulated. For the same reason. Things created industrially generally are. Go look at images of diggers, forklifts, dump trucks, mining gear, and so on. And then you'll see where the designs are coming from.

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#3 2014-01-30 21:59:21

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Re: Graphics may hamper sales of this game

I do not need high quality of graphic - I need quality of gaming - most games with great graphic are boring, for the programmer lost the point to have fun for they must do high graphic monster (like DukeNukem -> not running on my DuoCore - bad -).

Like Tetris or Pentix - small graphic, but played since 20 yrs!
Doom1 -> great but poor graphic -> but very high fun due to great game.

and so on ...

And I think, that in the future ALL new games must run on small machines like I.something - and nice gameplay will be better as graphic.

Ships - eye-candy? No - they all looks like one model here (I turned off ALL features to have a smooth game smile) They do not need to be eye-candy - I want to play and not to see how nice they are


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#4 2014-01-31 16:50:48

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Re: Graphics may hamper sales of this game

I like the game as it is with the graphics turned all the way up, there is always room for mods and skin packs in the future though.


#5 2014-02-01 00:32:02

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Re: Graphics may hamper sales of this game

I could imagine some bright but small light sources on the ships slide (i.e. like an array of windows) would make then look much more astonishing. Some cheap tricks which gives the impression of more detail (like in any video game).


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