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Version 1.2 released; new game mode, new map, misc improvements

#1 2018-09-25 05:01:16

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Would be nice to know height above sea and/or ground level. A 3D compass would be nice (NSEW, Zenith, Nadir.) Coordinates and a map would be nice as well, perhaps there's already a map that I've missed?

EDIT: I've tried changing flightCeiling to 10000 in the .mis file, but I still can't fly over 2000m above the markers. I remember editing some files to get insane altitude in Tribes1, and noticed the 9 square repeat pattern, while Tribes2 had unlimited or virtually unlimited repeat pattern.

EDIT2: apparently the game searches subfolders in \talon\data\missions\ and I selected the wrong Killing Fields (2 showed up.) Now when I edit flightCeiling it works.

EDIT3: caused hard-crash on killing fields when I went a few km up from the markers flightCeiling = "12000"; visibleDistance = "12000"; fogDistance = "12000"; going to try half that (I only have 32GB of RAM) OK just tried 6000 on all those, and when I look toward the horizon (a ton of polygons) it crashes. I looked at task manager and saw it was only using 120MB of RAM, a small fraction of the 32GB of RAM I have installed.

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